Antenatal Wananga

Ready to go? You can make a booking for one of our antenatal wananga on this site.

Turuki Health Care offers a different, more culturally informed option to traditional antenatal classes.

Instead of several sessions, we run a one-day antenatal wananga focussing on the possibility of natural and whānau-centred birthing. Wahine attending the wananga are empowered with knowledge and encouraged to take pride and find value in the bringing of new life.

If you join us for an antenatal wananga, we will work with you, your partner and/or whānau to diminish any barriers to a successful birth. We aim to empower you to take ownership of the process, both practically and – to the extent you want to – culturally.

We have been successfully supporting South Auckland women through these wananga since 2008 – and they have honoured us with some kind comments.

“I felt welcomed from the moment we met, what a lovely team of midwives!” said one mother.

“Learning the ways of my people has made me feel more connected to the birth of my child,” said another.

A young father-to-be added his thanks. “They taught me how I can be there to support my partner,” he wrote. “I was scared. Not anymore.”


HeartWe find the single-day, daytime format offers major benefits for our mothers-to-be.

  • Easier scheduling. You only have to travel once and never at night; and if your partner and/or whānau are coming along to support you they can request a single day off work or study, rather than trying to ‘juggle’ several separate appointments.
  • Unhurried pace. A full day format allows for the organic and unhurried inclusion of tikanga, as well as time to explore issues in more depth if you wish.
  • Relationship-building. Spending a day talking, learning and sharing kai together allows for the development of rich relationships. We have two facilitators at every wananga, so one can present while the other answers questions or attends to participants’ needs or concerns.

All our facilitators are registered midwives, carefully selected not only for their knowledge but also for their warmth and cultural competency.

Antenatal wananga are run several times each year. You can book your place on this site.